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First... a story (of sorts)

 Legend has it that Thetis, mother of Achilles, was so worried about her son's mortality that she took great precautions to ensure that any attack against him would fail. She burned him over a fire nightly and healed them with ambrosia, and even dunked him into the River Styx, the waters of which conferred immortality. Unfortunately for her (and her son) the foot she held was not dipped in and thus was not invulnerable.. leading to his downfall later.


  Organizations both large and small, public and private would benefit as Achilles would have by knowing their weaknesses so that they can mitigate them.  

This is how Liebert's Security is different; We cut out long lengthy testing periods and instead interview business and security leaders within an organization to determine what is being done, how effectively, and where the gaps are.  We boil this down to an easy to understand top-level organizational risk score and dive into the top critical findings (and how to fix them) as well as your overall susceptibility to today's most prominent attacks (such as ransomware).  The average length of interviews is 3.5 days which allows us to keep costs down and you get back to your business.

Or if you prefer a more technical explanation:

The Achilles High-Risk Review (AHR2) is a proprietary process that assesses multiple data points across an organization and determines an estimated overall risk score. These data points are gathered from four primary sources;

  • An organization’s maturity score as it pertains to their information and cybersecurity policy and procedures, specifically how the organization documents and practices industry best practices

  • An in-depth look at the organization's susceptibility score to the top 10 cybersecurity attacks for their industry vertical

  • A score derived from the overall threat to the subject organization gathered from threat intelligence experts

  • The score associated with the overall findings and their correlation with critical business systems and data that the organization runs, maintains and/or utilizes.

Contact Liebert Security to find out how you can get this organizational cybersecurity assessment today!


Achilles High Risk Review (AHR2)

Achilles High-Risk Review


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